I thought I knew something about the subject after attending a nine-month program several years ago, but Henry Givray comprehensively defined and discussed leadership from a totally new perspective. I was wowed.
“Thought-provoking, insightful and inspiring”

Henry GivrayAccording to Henry Givray, leadership is the uniquely consistent and defining force behind great, enduring organizations. But what is leadership? We know when we see it. We can measure its impact. And we can feel how it inspires us. But leadership is an elusive concept for which there are no simple formulas or instruction manuals. That’s why leadership can't be taught – it must be learned through a process of personal, active engagement and self-discovery.

Henry’s presentation is designed to help others identify opportunities to grow as leaders, while also building their commitment to continuous learning in this area. During the session, Henry:

  • Shares essential foundational principles and concepts around leadership
  • Introduces a working framework to help others better understand and ultimately measure leadership capacity and performance
  • Offers practical ideas and tools for everyday use

Henry's insights and ideas on leadership have been prominently featured in business books and top national news media. His presentations elicit passionate responses from attendees, many of whom say they have never been exposed to such powerful concepts that will help them in their leadership learning and growth.

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